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Sami Edward Kattan is a highly accomplished CEO with a rich and varied background in the field of media production. He began his career as a focus puller, mastering the art of ensuring that the camera remains in focus throughout a shoot. From there, he expanded his expertise to include camera assistance and operation, becoming adept at both capturing stunning visuals and manipulating them to achieve his artistic vision.

Sami's talents extend beyond just traditional camera work, however. He is also highly skilled in the operation of Steadicam equipment, allowing him to create smooth and dynamic shots that add a level of cinematic flair to any production. He even has experience with dark room printing, having honed his skills in the traditional craft of developing photographs by hand.

Thanks to his wealth of experience and natural leadership abilities, Sami has been able to guide DragonFly to great success. Today, the production house is widely recognized as one of the top media companies in Jordan, and Sami's vision and dedication are a key reason for its success.

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At DragonFly, we believe that innovation, teamwork, and trust are the key of  success. Our team is made up of local talents loaded with over 14 years of experience in the film industry.

Sami Kattan

Our team includes talented filmmakers, photographers, and drone operators who share our commitment to deliver flawless productions that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to utilizing the latest technology and techniques to bring our clients’ creative visions to life.

At DragonFly productions, we value collaboration, sustainability, and innovation. We believe that our success comes from working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and objectives. With focusing on the quality and attention to details, we strive to provide production solutions that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

I have had the pleasure of working with Sami from Dragonfly on multiple drone projects and I can confidently say that he is one of the best in the industry. His expertise and knowledge in the field is unparalleled, and his dedication to ensuring each project is executed flawlessly is truly impressive.

Not only is Sami incredibly skilled in his work, but he is also a pleasure to collaborate with. He always listens to our team’s needs and ideas, and consistently delivers results that exceed our expectations. His attention to detail and passion for his work is evident in every project he takes on.

I highly recommend Sami for any drone-related projects, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Majdi Alqudah

Executive Producer of

The Stick of Joseph

Here is my testimonial, “Sami and his team were such a pleasure to work with. Filming in a foreign country is intimidating, but when we put the production in the hands of Dragonfly Media Productions, everything went much smoother and a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. The footage, customer service, and professionalism is among the highest standards. We plan on working with Sami and his crew every chance we get!”